Helen Chauke’s life philosophy is simple; to empower, to inspire, to give and make a difference. She fulfils a variety of roles including that of a mother, mentor, the founder, and director of The Helen Chauke Foundation, She also has co. founded several non-profit organisations which she continues to avidly support.

The third child out of six, Helen Chauke was born and raised in Soweto. She is a proud alumnus of Vuwani Secondary School in Chiawelo.  Her mother worked as a domestic worker, a task Helen participated in as well during her school holidays. Barely able to afford school uniform and supplies, her family found a saviour in a nurse who donated clothing from time to time.

A self-starter, Helen took to working in retail to raise funds to study further after matric, as well as fend for her family and herself. She graduated with a Senior Certificate in Project Management and has a Diploma in Counselling, she is currently completing her final year of study in Psychology. Together with Aubrey Chauke, they started Lenani Consulting in 2002, which later became Lenani Holdings, where she was the Operations Manager. She was involved in the establishment of Lurco Group in 2010 and through this, she built substantial experience in Human Resources and Accounting.

Giving back is close to Helen’s heart and she has made it a point to transfer the values of love and respect to her family by including them in various charitable activities.

“Don’t give up, work hard. If I had given up, I wouldn’t be here.”- Helen Chauke

Helen Chauke, Founder and Managing Director