The Helen Chauke Foundation is an NGO launched in 2016, with the aim of empowering disadvantaged youth by providing access to educational funding. We identify pupils with the highest potential from various underprivileged communities and we extend opportunities for them to enroll at higher education institutions. Our students are provided with further support through mentorship and counseling.

The youth are the backbone of every nation, however, a large number of youths in South Africa have limited-to-no access to higher education, preventing them from actively participating in the development of the country. Disadvantaged youth are significantly excluded from higher education as they cannot afford the fees as well as other associated costs. We focus on children looking for a chance to improve their lives and make a difference not only for themselves but for their families and communities as well.


“Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face.”-Nelson Mandela

Our Vision

We aim to build an organisation that empowers underprivileged youth and provides them with the skills and knowledge to enhance socio-economic development in South Africa.

Our mission

To partner with high schools, orphanages, higher education institutions, individuals, and companies to eradicate poverty through education, for generations to come.